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New CONFIDENT Communication and Influence for Real Estate Agents -
To Get More Appointments and Better Listings

Be Different. Speak Differently

Times have changed

The days of traditional real estate “sales scripts” are over. Today, consumers are more educated, and also more picky and skeptical. If you don’t deliver your best, confident, genuine communication in the first few seconds of a conversation, it’s OVER. Next! 

What is Core Influence?

Core Influence is a NEW real estate communication system that causes people to be magnetically drawn to you . . . To come under your influence and do business with you — happily

While many real estate agents are still using the traditional methods of pressuring and trying to “close” people into listing, you influence them in a more subtle way, using advanced psychological triggers, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and hypnotic language patterns.

From the beginning, you’re perceived as a friend and an adviser, NOT a sales person. The amazing thing is, it’s happening totally under the radar.

How to Influence Prospects

Influence is a process. All prospects have subconscious psychological triggers. Little buttons that when pushed the right way, at the right time and in the right order — create a PREDICTABLE response. Without manipulation or trickery.

As you prospect, follow up, chat with a FSBO on the phone, or meet an expired at the door . . . You always take them through the same four hypnotic steps to gain control of the conversation and determine the outcome of the interaction:

  1. Get the seller’s attention
  2. Interrupt their thought pattern
  3. Replace logic with emotion: curiosity, fear, expectations, excitement . . .
  4. Take control of the conversation (NLP, Core Questions, etc.)

The Magic of the Right Words

If you don’t want to be treated just as another average agent, you cannot speak just like every other agent. The difference is . . . 

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Replacing contact reluctance and phone phobia with comfort, ease, confidence and enjoyment

How to become a high-status agent and make a powerful first impression

Easily prevent and address the toughest seller objections.

Advanced techniques that add more control and power to your communication

How to start pleasant conversations. Complete dialog outlines with motivated leads.

Full set of Core Questions that melt sellers’ resistance, build trust and uncover their real motivation.

Turning leads into appointments

Technique used by professional actors to always remember what to say.

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